The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)

The Dynamic Music System is one of the new additions of our Rayman 2 HD Remake.

Now whenever an enemy wants to start a fight with you, just because you look funny to him, the combat music will pile up over the area track, making the experience smoother and much more immersive.

Have a listen at how it sounds in our new short track, The Canopy, previously shown at the Rayman Alive event.


3 responses to “The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)”

  1. Shamar Munsey Avatar

    Gosh I am really looking farward to this game. any idea when we can expect a demo to release?

    1. When it’s ready! :]
      Thank you for your kind words!

  2. Mitchell Davis Avatar

    This project looks sick. Hope to see how it turns out.

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