Art Department Devlog

Our second Dev-Diary of this week is out, featuring updates from our Art Team!
We’re showing progress made from both 2D and 3D teams, while showcasing the thought process behind updating what is old and making new ideas.
Check it out on our Youtube channel!


2 responses to “Art Department Devlog”

  1. Osman günes Avatar

    Hello everyone, I’m a big fan and I was very happy to see that you’re working on a remake and that’s why I’d like to thank you. Since I and many others also like to wish the best from you and for you, I would like to comment on something. I noticed and I know that what I saw is not final, but I would still be happy if the rocks were given a little more detail. In the original the rocks are gray like you have, but in the original there was also overgrowth in the rocks. That would definitely do a lot of good for the atmosphere. I really hope that I’m doing you a favor and not coming across as a critic.

    Best regards
    Osman Günes ( Germany)

    p.s. My English is not the best, Sorry

  2. I can’t wait to see Rayman 2 HD have the hub world, some new bosses, enemies, unlockable mini-games, and abilities added in it, because I look forward to seeing it being released for the game’s 25th anniversary. That’s why you should add more cutscenes like the story in the Manual Script of Rayman 2 with The Pirate Ships entering to capture and enslave the loving residents of the planet, volunteers entering the area to fight off the warriors, Rayman and Globox enter the forest to battle the pirates, Rayman being interrupted by Ly during the battle and realizing the Heart of the World being broken and his getting captured, Rayman gasping and getting caught by Ninjaws, and attempting to create a new energy sphere, but gasping: Oh no! My powers! What will I do?!, Rayman telling Globox to run and save himself to find Ly, Globox obeying and running off, Rayman meeting Razorbeard and finding someway to escape, Razorbeard saying: You know what? That’s good! Now let’s have at it! Take him away, Ninjaws!, Globox running to a horse pulling a barge with his wife, Uglette, aboard it, dragging it to a town centre, hopping off to borrow a car with the owners having lunch, driving it to a railroad station, crashing the car, getting out, disguising himself as a hobo, entering the booking office, trying to pay for a ticket, only to realize he has no money, walking away along the platform to meet a train hauled by an American 4-4-0 tender engine pulling a yellow mail car, green mail car, an orange mail car, a blue mail car, and a caboose, and being piloted by a driver, fireman, cleaner, shunter, and signalman ready to operate, Globox telling them he’s a lonely hobo, losing all his money, not able to get a ticket, and needing to get home tonight, boarding the engine’s cabin, driving off with the crew on board the train to help him escape, night falling with the train chugging along with the workers stoking the boiler, opening the furnace, and operating the controls, Globox noticing the five workers leaning over the side of the engine, joining them to see a pursuing Baldwin 2-6-0 tender locomotive running light and carrying the pirate pursuers aboard and waving weapons and telling them to stop, kneeling and telling the crew to save him and pretending to be a hobo in disguise, having Uglette, his wife, and 650 kids be his family, having escaped the pirates, who kidnapped Rayman, attempting to speed up, and trying to capture him, but also giving him some chains, bread, water, and, misety for him and Rayman, the engine crew deciding to help him escape, speeding their train, stoking the furnace, running through a long tunnel, shooting out the other side, crossing a viaduct next to the woods, reducing steam, braking hard, sending Globox jumping off the train by leaping out of the engine’s cab, diving into the woods, leaving his train to disappear with the pursuing locomotive running in hot pursuit and the motley pirate crew waving some weapons, causing Globox to laugh at the sight of the train chase, entering a hollow tree to find Ly, getting a silver lum from her, walking into Spyglass Pirate’s sack, which catches and ties him up, leaving Spyglass Pirate to laugh and drag him to the prison boat, which will take Globox to the prison ship to meet Rayman, and Globox should be given and wearing a bowler hat, a white shirt, yellow waistcoat, blue coat, and bowtie, some of The Teensies should be wearing and given a bandana, waistcoat, neckerchief, engine driver hat, a tie, a tophat, shirt, and coat, a bowtie, shirt, waistcoat, a jumper with shirt underneath, a scarf, a t-shirt, a hunter hat, a hunter coat, and a hunter shirt, some shades, glasses, and a eyepatches, Uglette should be given and wearing a cardigan shirt and skirt, and the Globox Children should be given and wearing one t-shirt, one jumper with bowtie, one vest, and coat with shirt underneath, some Pirates should be given and wearing a police hat, police coat, police trousers and shoes, a detective hat, a detective coat, detective trousers, a warden waistcoat, trousers, a cowboy, coat, shirt, tie, and trousers, and a composer coat, bowtie, and trousers in Rayman 2 HD.

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