Oil Pump Station Redesign

One of the last tasks I had last month was to redesign completely the Pump Oil Station from the Fairy Glade. As you can see, the original concept was a simple design with a big tube, and to my surprise, the underwater level was also part of the task (I believe in the PSP version you have access to the underwater level once the oil stopped and cleared out). So I had to consider everything, from shape, types of metals, ornament, and other elements that can be used as technical aspects.

So instead of focusing on doing that one design, I started with simple silhouettes and let the 2D and 3D departments rip some parts for mix-and-match. I received several constructive criticisms and many questions as to why I designed or added those particular elements. So for everything, I had to have an explanation and/or purpose.

Once both teams (2D and 3D) agreed on the desired design, I developed 3 alternatives, and all of them chose the one that was loyal to the previous concept from the game (the middle one). Still, there were some parts interchanged, and I was asked to make additional visual information as guidance.

It is normal for the departments to question everything, so I had to be mindful and meticulous with the explanations of why I designed it that way. For example, what if pirates needed to come back to the top of the pump oil station if they fell from the bridge? Is it a good idea that the underwater level is made up of wood?

I did this one in Blender on my first try.

Opening Blender For The First Time

I was having difficulty drawing from several perspectives to add some essential information, so I decided to venture with Blender for the first time while watching some basic tutorials. In 3 hours I managed to “sculpt” a base and took a few screenshots from different angles.

Finally, I was able to provide important visual details to the 3D department. I think the 2 most difficult parts were to draw logically the main tubes that connected with the 1st and second bridge, and lastly, the creation of the “geometric” rooftop with organic round plates.


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