Rayman 2 HD

Rayman 2 HD is a ground-up remake of Rayman 2: The Great Escape, developed by a team of dedicated volunteers on the powerful Unreal Engine 5.



Which version is Rayman 2 HD going to be based on?

We're taking the best out of all versions of Rayman 2 to create the definitive experience for new and returning players alike.

How will the combat look like?

The combat will be partially overhauled to make it more engaging.

Are you planning on releasing the game on consoles as well?

We’ll see what we can do, but it’s not in our plans.

Will the game have a new story?

The game will have the same storyline, with a few added lines and or/scenarios to make it unique.

Are you working on the game for free and in your spare time?

Yes! That is one of the reasons why this may take a bit more time than your usual game, but we promise it will be worth the wait!

Are you going to add the hub level from the PC version, the Dreamcast version, or from Revolution?

We’re creating our own hub selection world. Although it’s not ready yet, you can trust us on our choice.

Will we be able to play with different skins or characters?

Hmm… we’ll think about it. Don’t be too eager to know everything, or you’ll ruin the magic!

Why did you decide on a remake of Rayman 2 out of all the games out there?

We all got together because of our passion for it. For many of us it was the first game they’ve ever played (or one of the first). For others it’s the best in the series. A more simple answer would be: love. We love Rayman 2.

Are you planning on releasing a demo as well?

Yes! As soon as we have something we’re comfortable with, we’ll release a playable demo for all of you to enjoy and give feedback. It’s very useful to us as well in order to improve the game!


Now, the most important question: will the game come with a free beach ball?


Rayman 2 HD