The Team

We’re a great group of people from all over the world that wanted to unite our ideas and talents in creating videogames for everyone! We voluntarily decided to join forces moved by the love for games and people, with the purpose of being close to the fans and listen to them carefully: we’re fans first, we know how it feels! The project that got us together is a Remake of a beloved entry in the Rayman series: Rayman 2!
With the great support everyone has been giving us, we grew together and are now even closer than before. Do you wish to know more about us? Have a look and discover more about who is behind the scenes!



Hey, I'm Rycer! I'm the director of Rayman 2 HD, but I also take care of tech art, level design, lighting and small tools. I've always been fascinated by the behind-the-scenes stuff in video games. This made me dream about becoming a game developer. Since Rayman 2 was my first game I had ever played, and one of my favourites, I decided to have a shot at recreating it. I'd never believe we'd reach the point where we are with the project today. That's thanks to the amazing team, who's worked tirelessly to keep the project alive.

We want everyone in the team to feel welcomed and comfortable. We're putting the love we have for the Rayman series in this one game to create the definitive Rayman 2 experience. I assure you, it will be worth the wait!

I like playing story-driven games, especially those other people deem as bad. If you have one worth playing, let me know! :p

I'm interested in introducing and improving technologies in the engine to make the game look fresh, not like your regular UE4 game. I'm also an optimization freak, so don't worry low-end gamers!


Thank you for all the messages and support you've given us! It keeps us motivated and excited about the project!

Art Directors


My name is Jessa Otero, digital illustrator, born in Puerto Rico. I joined the team, I believe, in 2021.
The environment seems flexible, organized and chill, for now, I bet once the teams figures out the aspect of the game development the workflow might be hectic.
My favorite one is Rayman 2 The Great Escape (somehow, I emotionally bonded with the game). Rayman 3 was beautiful but sadly I personally couldn't enjoy the story (characters spoke too fast for me with no subtitles), and the gameplay for ranking was a mess and confusing. Rayman Arena compensated for the time I didn't have accessible Rayman 2.
I would like to improve those pixelated concept patterns (we all know why the game was distributed like that) by working in the visual developments, you know, speaking as a digital artist. My main objective in the project as a concept artist is to rework the visual aspects of the game by providing new ideas, with proposals, critical thinking, and breakdown functionality, while maintaining the nostalgia of the game.
I always dreamed of working on any game of the Rayman series, and now you have a boricua girl working in her favorite game along with a vast and creative team full of passion and compromise in their free time. Help us out to spread the word to make it come true!


Social Media Manager/External Relations Manager


Hey everyone! I’m Danny, I was born in 2002 and I’m Italian. I studied Diction and PR Relations and I also studied gaming! Ok, that was a lie, but it’s really like I did. I started gaming when I was 4 years old, or better, when I learnt how to connect two thoughts together. I remember sitting on my dad’s lap and play Space Invaders, Space Pinball, Tetris and others on an old Windows XP PC via a floppy disk (still have that!). Those were good times; not starting with a newly released console or a new pc but with old hardware makes you fall in love with every generation of games, and I think it’s the best thing to do. Later in time I got back on track, of course, and I played literally everything. Apart from video games my other passion is the art of dubbing, singing and voiceover, or really any way of using the voice. I did some acting in theatre too in a couple of musicals here in Italy. For a better summary of me: I shift from being a genius to being dumb in a split second.
I joined the team in April 2020 as the Italian translator.
The overall environment inside the team is fantastic, there’s plenty of people with their own fantastic talents and ideas contributing to the general quality of work. None of the people force their talents on others, no one brags about their work and no one is toxic around you. Patience and professionality while being fun and enjoyable: what more can you ask?
My favorite Rayman game is the 2
nd one, and also my first videogame ever! I love every entry in the same way, and the 2D ones like Origins and Legends are the most replayed by me.
Something I would like to see improved from the original game is, apart from the graphics, probably the difficulty management in combat: sometimes it felt too easy, especially after the first playthrough. I would love to see more variety too.
The main objective in the project I had when I joined the team was translating the whole game in Italian, with better differentiations and language choices than the original. Finishing my translation work, after some months I became the Social Media Manager of the team as well (yes, I’m the one you talk to in socials!) and since 2021 I’m now the External Director and PR Manager of the team.
I can’t thank everyone enough. If I could give a hug to every fan out there that supported us, I would… but we’re in a pandemic. Seriously though, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for every single message or help everyone sent us through the years. I hope we’ll create something for you to enjoy, even for a brief period of time. If what we do makes even one of you smile at least once, then it means we hit the goal. Thank you.

2D Artists

Nocna Fifi

Hi! I'm Paulina (aka Nocna Fifi) I was born on August 8, 2003 and I live in a small village in Poland. Drawing and computer graphics has been my passion since I was little.
I joined the New Dawn Games team in December 2020. Although the number of members is small, the atmosphere here is fun and friendly and we support each other. There are some very talented people here and it is a great pleasure to do work for this project.
My favourite game in the Rayman series is the third part of the original trilogy. I really like the design of the characters as well as the levels, and the humor in that game still makes me laugh to this day. The first game in the series I played was a 2d platformer called Rayman Origins. I still remember playing with my siblings and "dueling" to see who could collect more lums.
The game needs a lot of improvements, mostly in my opinion are the characters designs, and lighting. My main goal is to create character concepts and concept arts of the lands of Glade of Dreams.
Thank you very much to everyone who supports us! I hope this project will attract the attention of many gamers, and even the young ones who haven't yet met our limbless hero.

Somewhat Viable

Hi! My name is Emma, I'm from Brazil and was born on March 15, 2004. I joined the team in December, 2020. I'd say the environment is fairly relaxed, but still has an air of professionalism. My favorite game has to be Legends, but I do have a soft spot for 3, as it was the first Rayman game I ever played.
I don't have a ton of problems with the original Rayman 2, but the thing that I most want to see improved is "the chair". Maybe we could expand on it while improving the controls? Would be cool to see, but I'm not promising anything! My main objective in the project is to provide concept art, but I also do some promotional stuff now and then.
Rayman has a special place in my heart, and I'm sure he is wandering about somewhere in your mind palace as well. Thank you so much for supporting the project throughout the years, we are just as excited to see the full picture as you are!

3D Artists

Casper Vollmers (Lead Modeler)

Hey everyone! I joined the team in December 2020. The environment is very open and casual. The team is always helpful with providing constructive feedback and a sense of accomplishment. Favourite game? That's a tough one. I definitely think Rayman 2 is my favorite game, but Rayman 3 is a very close contestant. My first game was Rayman 1.

As a part of the graphical department, my main objective is to help improve the visuals and make it feel just as whimsical and brooding as the original game. That includes redefining, while being faithful to the environments, characters and animations.

As a Rayman fan myself, I really appreciate the fanbase for keeping the franchise alive and the fans who support this project! A fan game like this takes time to make, but the team put a lot of effort into it, and I hope you will look forward to what we make.


Hi! I joined when the project was very little. It even had another name, I would say I joined around October 2018. I showed in a Rayman forum or somewhere else a medium quality Jano model, then they asked me to join the team. Which I happily accepted immediately.
The environment? I'd say it's pretty healthy. I'm not a very talkative person, so I don't interact too much with the team off topic, but when we have an overheated discussion, the team is up to the task to resolve it through dialogue. Everyone treats each other very respectfully.
My favourite Rayman is Rayman 3 and it is also my first one. What a coincidence! Nostalgia is very powerful I guess. Besides, It is the very first game in my entire life, I cannot remember any other game before Rayman 3. That’s why it is so special to me.
Obviously, I will follow what my superiors say, but I would like to improve the combat system and make it more similar to R3 combat system. Other thing are the environments, they were done with tiling textures, which sometimes they were too much stretched. There is a lot of work to do about environments, they must be designed from scratch.
For me the main objective overall is to improve myself. Lucky of me, there are a lot of skilled people which I learned from, and, speaking more about the project itself, there's several of them. I've always wanted to be part of something related to Rayman. Other one is to give to Rayman fans what they earned through patience. The most important one? Enjoy what you do and have fun!
First of all I want to thank all of you for the support you are giving to this project. It means a lot to everyone here, it is the fuel. All I can say is to have patience and never lose faith. Sooner or later we will have what every Rayman fan has been waiting for almost 20 years. Stay strong!


Ferez Deco

Y’ello! I joined the team back in late June of 2022. The environment really feels like working on a big production company - everyone knows their respective roles and I have never seen any sort of controversy. Whenever any issue or complain comes up, we all have a reasonable mindset to solve it quickly. Everyone is very respectful and help others no matter their role in the development of the game, and I could keep going and going about how nice this place is!
As for a favorite Rayman game, I don’t have any favorites; I normally like all of these games equally and I keep coming back to them. As for my first Rayman game, it was most likely the PS1 or PC version of Rayman 2.
I wish to see a version of Rayman 2 with a more elaborated dialogue for the cutscenes and also see a more "cinematic" take on them, something that would feel right with modern games where most try to appeal to a more "Hollywood take" as I like to call it, haha!
I’m very grateful to the team for letting me join them and contribute to this project. I can guarantee great things coming and I’m sure that everyone will definitely appreciate what we’re cooking; keep leaving us feedback, it shows great support and how much y’all care for what we’re making!


Pikapat (Lead Programmer)

Hey there! I'm from (and live in) France, 24 years old. Joined the team in November 2020. I like the atmosphere in the team, I think we have good talents in there and that the project has very good potential, although sometimes things slow down due to some big objectives and IRL stuff.
My favourite Rayman game is the 2nd as it is also the first one I owned, and one of the first PC game I had at all, so this game really has a special place for me.
I want us to make this remake feel like a fresh game and improve all the aspects of the original game that feel old and out of place nowadays, to name a few : Graphics, combat pacing and mechanics, sound design (not really talking about the OST which I think is still amazing today but more like all the dynamic audio stuff we can do with recent game engines), and animations.
My main objective is to achieve the goals I just talked about (along with the rest of team of course ^^) and I personally see this project as a first serious experience for me in the game dev world. I would also maybe be interested if we'd decide to make a second project after this one if everything goes well with R2HD.


Hi, I'm Jack! I'm a Gameplay Programmer for the team and working on this project has been a dream come true for me. I'm a 23 year old student currently living in Utah in the United States. My experience in programming comes from working as a Computer Engineering student in my university and doing internships for the US Government in both Cybersecurity and Automation Engineering. I've always had a passion for games and the process of making them, so this project gives me a chance to help pass that passion onto others!
I joined the Rayman 2 HD team on September 30th, 2022.
The environment in the team is unbelievably friendly. Not only is everyone on the team an extremely hard worker, but each person is extremely passionate about the project and we all care about making the best product we possibly can.
My first and favorite Rayman game is the Rayman 2 Dreamcast version. There's a wonderful picture of me sitting in my underwear on the couch when I was 3 years old playing it on the Dreamcast.
I don't know if "improve" is the correct term for what I'd like to do with the remake of the game. My main goal is to modernize the controls with fast, smooth movements and playability that allows the player to feel like they're playing a version of the original that has been made specifically for modern consoles.
To the fans out there, all of us on the team are just like you - fans! I've been following this project since it's conception in 2019 and have always been a fan of the Rayman franchise. The game is very dear to us and all we want is to make a version that enables more people to play it and fall in love with the best game of all time - Rayman 2: The Great Escape!

Lord Asdi

Hi everyone! Online I go by Lord Asdi. I originally joined the "Rayman HD Collection" team back in April 2018 which was then later merged with Rycer’s R2HD team. Before that I had started working on my own Rayman fangame in Unity but I never finished it.
The first Rayman game I played was Rayman 3 and it's still is my favourite.
The movement and camera controls of Rayman 2 always felt a bit clunky which is one thing I want to improve in the remake. I also want to further improve my development skills in Unreal Engine to contribute as much as possible to the project.
Thank you all for following our development throughout the years and stay tuned for what's to come.

Hello, Youssef from Tunisia here, gamedev and IT engineer (hopefully in 2024).
I joined the team in January (2023) after watching the first trailer of Rayman 2 HD. I wasn't really into Unreal until I started learning it for the development of the game (used to be focusing on Unity most of the time), so the team taught me how to deal with specific things that I couldn't learn by myself.
Rayman 2 and 3 were the only Rayman games I played (AND NO, I DO NOT LIKE ORIGINS & LEGENDS), I prefer the 3D Rayman games. Rayman 2 was THE GAME of my childhood (PC and PS1).
What I would really love to improve in the game is to have some of the great things in the level design of the PS1 versions included in the Remake. I love how different the PS1 version was (I know it has less content, but I still love how it doesn't ruin the quality of the game).
I am a gameplay developer which means that we have to deal with the game mechanics and how the user interacts with them.
I hope that you will love the game once released, as a fan of Rayman, I am as hyped as any of you who are waiting for the release.


Composers/Audio Designers

Jaimy (Music Director)

Hi everyone! I'm Jaimy, 29, and I live in the Netherlands. From Portuguese descent, gaming started at a very young age. When I first booted up a demo disc that came with our Packard Bell PC, I got greeted with the likes of MDK, Prince of Persia and of course, Rayman! The colorful vistas and their catchy tunes are engraved in my memory. Games and (their) music became a big part of my life.
Currently I am a self-taught composer and finished my degree on audiovisual design. Before this project I've worked on several community led projects like Fallout: Cascadia and a Dota 2 music pack.

I joined the team back in September 2021 as a composer. I currently lead the audio team and hopefully can bring some delightful tunes to your ears!

The team seems professional and friendly at the same time. Plenty of activity and good looking results!

Rayman 1 was my first Rayman. So it definitely has a special place in my heart. However, the magical feeling of Rayman 2 has never been equaled. I remember finally figuring out how to enter the "Cave of Bad Dreams" as a young lad that couldn't read the language. What a rush!

Rayman 2 fans have a very special place for the soundtrack of the game. Sadly, we can’t just copy it 1 to 1. I do wish to create something with the same instruments that gives the feeling of the original soundtrack, with a new twist! It is going to be a monumental task but I have tremendous faith in the team.

To all the fans out there! Thank you for your incredible support. We hear you and see you. Know that we do this for you. Hopefully we can make you proud! Peace!


Hello, I’m Danae Nova, my pronouns are she/her and fae/faer, and I’m a composer and technical audio designer for games! Within my field I combine my composition and coding skills to create a fitting and immersive music design and implementation for every project that crosses my path. Guided by my own passion for storytelling and world building, I love to tell beautiful fantasy stories through whimsical music and truly immerse the player in the world and narrative of the games I work on. In my free time I love tinkering with code, crating fantastical worlds, playing both immersive and creative games like the Ori franchise and Minecraft, and indulging myself in alternative fashion aesthetics. Oh, and I’m secretly a fairy too!
My most favorite Rayman game, and also the first one I played when I was a little kid, is Rayman 2: The Great Escape. It has a really immersive world and story, the characters are memorable, and its soundtrack is an absolute masterpiece, especially for the time the game was released in! I remember replaying scenes of the game with my friends as a kid, always taking on the role of Ly, so it’s probably no wonder that the game took a part in awakening my obsession with fairies and wondrous fantasy worlds!
In the summer of 2022 I joined New Dawn Games as part of the audio team, where I’m currently working on composing and producing music for our Rayman 2 HD remake. I also work on the voice direction and I revised the Dutch translation of the game. One thing I really like about our team is the flat structure and positive vibe in the team; everyone gives each other valuable and serious feedback on the things they have worked on, and a few moments after we can all have a good laugh together! I believe that a positive critical attitude like that is really valuable in determining the success of our project, and so far I think that’s going really well! Being part of this team I hope to contribute to re-telling an already amazingly beautiful game in a modern take, and in terms of audio I hope to create something even more immersive than the original.
I hope you will enjoy playing our beloved remake as much as we enjoyed creating it, and may the magic of Rayman and his world bewitch you again!


Maddie M. is one of Rayman 2 HD's score composers and an aspiring character designer, voice actor, and animator. Although she's only known about it for 5 years, the Rayman series is something of great value to her, as it carried her through her teen years. In fact, the whimsical nature of its latter games' soundtracks are her biggest inspiration, alongside the likes of the Mario series. If it wasn't obvious by now, she's a HUGE nerd, playing video games, making D&D characters, and making fanart when she isn't tinkering about in Musescore. She'd love nothing more than to thank Rycer, Jaimy, and the rest of the New Dawn Games team for the opportunity to work in such a supportive environment. She hopes you'll love what you'll hear!

UI Designers

Maxim Lopez – WouJy (Lead UI Designer)

My name is Maxim Lopez (aka WouJy). I was born in 1995 and I'm Belgian. Since I was young, I spent my time creating things and I always wanted to work in video games (besides, I wanted to become a 3D computer graphics artist, even if I can only do basic things, because I never really learned). Finally, I studied in audiovisual. After, and during my studies, I worked for television. I filmed and edited documentaries, bloopers, shows, etc. In my free time, I took the time to develop and assist on several games, both visual novel, point'n'click, platformer, etc. Since 2015, I've been working on Unreal Engine (and occasionally on Unity / Adventure Game Studio). However, I only started to dive into UE since late 2018/19, before that I was using it for video productions! I wish to launch myself professionally (as well as in independent as in a possible studio). That's why, around 2020/21, I started to professionalize what I was doing by creating "Bad Weather Studios" where I develop games with the aim of one day being able to live from it. Of course, I can't forget Rayman! Certainly one of my favorite video game characters (by the way, I'm a little bit older than him) that I grew up with.
I had been following the project since the teaser was released on the YouTube channel. After getting my courage up, I contacted the team in May-June 2020 and joined the team as a UI Designer and Developer.
We are a team of enthusiasts, we all have our strengths and specialties. We progress together as a group! It is very important for me to have a good team cohesion. Moreover, we are an international group with members coming from Japan, Italy, etc. Which is really cool!
My first Rayman game was the original, Rayman 1! I played it on a Jaguar at my father's sister's house, it must have been 1998/1999, but I remember that I found the game quite difficult but very pretty with nice animations. My favorite… is the 2
nd one! To tell you how much of a fan I am, I own the game on every console it was released on (I even bought those consoles) and in several editions (Rayman 10th anniversary, etc.); the only version I don't own (but was able to play) is the iOS version.
For me, it's already an exceptional game that every player should experience, it's as important as a Super Mario 64 in my eyes. With this project I want to modernize the controls (especially the camera system which is a bit difficult to handle) and that its interface (menus, etc.) is also modernized with the possibility to fine-tune the different parameters of the game. Of course, I would like to make the game as accessible as possible so that everyone can play it. And finally, I want it to be state of the art with the use of advanced technologies. As well as graphics rendering using APIs like DirectX11/12 & Vulkan (it's already supported) but also the support of Nvidia DLSS, AMD FSR, RayTracing, etc. In short, make it a modern experience, for modern gamers.
To all the Rayman fans around the world, I really appreciate the messages of encouragement you leave to us. It's a real energy boost and it motivates me every day. That's why I want this remake to be the best one you can have! You deserve it! It's a long wait, but I promise you won't be disappointed! When I see what we have already accomplished, I am very proud! I hope you will have as much fun playing on it as I had working on it.
Thanks to all of you <3

Voice Actors


Hello! I joined the team on the 24th of October 2022. My favourite Rayman game is probably Rayman 2 for nostalgia reasons, but I really like the Origins and legends games too. I played the original Rayman when I was maybe 6 or 7, but it was too hard for me (on the level of Disney's Lion King game xD). I am not sure what I would improve on the original game, perhaps it would be to simply have more of Rayman's character in the game with dialogue, and the sound quality compared to the original. However, I mostly want to honor the original work and try to capture that same spirit. I will be voicing Rayman as my main objective. Many many thanks for the support! We are at your mercy.



Hello! I'm a guy from Belgium, born in 1995. To be short, I have IT background (currently, I'm a functional analyst & tester in healthcare projects , also youtuber). I joined around the end of 2021. Currently, I'm working on the translations (French / Dutch / ...) so that all Rayman fans around the world are pleased with it.

Favorite game? Difficult question. I would say Rayman 2. It was also my first.

One idea I got after playing several versions of Rayman 2:

Why not introduce some kind of rewards when the player accomplish some threshold / objectives? (I was never a big fan of Rayman 2 Revolution buying new items)

My main goal is to support the project (translations / testing) when I have the time ^^


Hi! I'm a 23 year old (Feb 1999) from Italy working as a professional translator from Chinese and English to Italian with also a good command of written and spoken Japanese. I graduated in East Asian studies with a major in Chinese and then went on to specialize on Political and Societal studies of Asia for my MA. I'm a pro-active and easygoing person with a knack for languages, politics, history and anthropology which is currently pursuing a career in gaming localization, which allows me to mix work and one of the hobbies I had since I was a kid, videogames.
I joined the team in November 2020, where I took care of the JP localization of the remake.
I felt welcomed since the start and all of my doubts were answered promptly. All in all it was a very good experience, fundamental in kickstarting my career!
My favourite Rayman game is Rayman 2, as it was the first one I got to play as a kid and one of the very first games I played in general, and especially its rendition for the PS2, Revolution.
I mainly took care of inserting the already translated JP text from the DC version into the game, so there was not much improvement or changes needed, as the previous JP translators had already done a very remarkable job. In a way, I was only the "messenger", but I'm glad I got the opportunity to replay the game in Japanese and to explore more in depth the several nuances in terms of language and how they connect with the overall plot and vibe of the game!
I would like to thank all of you players and fans of the Rayman series for the support. This has been a project that I'm sure a lot of you have been wishing for for a long time, and we're happy we could provide you with the opportunity to replay a platformer classic in a completely revamped fashion. I hope you will all enjoy the game and be able to experience once more the beauty of the Rayman's universe!


Sir Rayland

Hi, my online name goes by Sir Rayland, because of my love to the Rayman series. I'm from Germany, was born in 2001, and have been an aspiring Game Developer and Programmer. I joined the team back when Translators were needed, which is also my current role in the team. The overall atmosphere in the team is fantastic, over good critical feedback and awesome encouragement; there was never a time where I felt unwell while working/talking.
My first (and favorite) Rayman game is by far 3. But 2 comes very close behind.
My main objective in the project is to of course ensure the best German translation available to play through the game.
And to all the fans, I can’t thank all of you enough! With your wonderful and supportive words I/we get more and more motivation for the game day by day! Danke für die Unterstützung!

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