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  • Music Department Devlog

    Music Department Devlog

    Like we announced at last week’s Rayman Alive, here’s the first of this week’s devlogs. This one is about the progress made in Music, SFX and Voice Over. Make sure to subscribe! We hope you appreciate our updates.

  • It’s still good to be the king!

    It’s still good to be the king!

    We’re happy to announce a new collaboration between New Dawn Games and Royal.V! A new original song is out now, made by the same legend that created “It’s good to be the king” for the original Rayman 2 back in 1999. You can listen to it on all the major platforms. Out now!Make sure to…

  • The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)

    The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)

    The Dynamic Music System is one of the new additions of our Rayman 2 HD Remake. Now whenever an enemy wants to start a fight with you, just because you look funny to him, the combat music will pile up over the area track, making the experience smoother and much more immersive. Have a listen…

  • The Fairy Glade Music Track

    The Fairy Glade Music Track

    Our reimagination of The Fairy Glade is now available for everyone to listen to! We wanted to recreate the feeling of magic this place has and gives to the player every time its level is replayed. Our amazing composers worked hard on that, crafting this piece of musical art.