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  • Welcome, Unreal 5!

    Welcome, Unreal 5!

    It’s time to make it official. We’re switching to Unreal Engine 5 for our Rayman 2 Remake!We’re going to utilize its features to help the development, without making a complete generational switch.More info about how we’re going to use it will come soon!

  • Our official Discord Community Server is open!

    Our official Discord Community Server is open!

    You heard that right! After many years we’ve finally decided to open our official Discord Server for all of you to join. You can chat with others, make new friends, talk about our project and everything you want. In addition, you will be one of the first to get updates about our Rayman 2 Remake…

  • Help us shape the future of Rayman 2 HD!

    Help us shape the future of Rayman 2 HD!

    Help us shape the future of Rayman 2 HD by filling out this survey! Your responses will significantly influence critical decisions related to the game’s development. Please share it to every fan of the game. Thank you.

  • Programming Department Devlog

    Programming Department Devlog

    For our final devlog of the year, we dive into deeper territory! We want this game to be playable by all of you no matter what hardware you have. That’s why we’re working hard on creating different modes that guarantee both good quality and performance regardless of your PC. Check out a brief explanation in…

  • Oil Pump Station Redesign

    Oil Pump Station Redesign

    One of the last tasks I had last month was to redesign completely the Pump Oil Station from the Fairy Glade…

  • Art Department Devlog

    Art Department Devlog

    Our second Dev-Diary of this week is out, featuring updates from our Art Team!We’re showing progress made from both 2D and 3D teams, while showcasing the thought process behind updating what is old and making new ideas.Check it out on our Youtube channel!

  • Music Department Devlog

    Music Department Devlog

    Like we announced at last week’s Rayman Alive, here’s the first of this week’s devlogs. This one is about the progress made in Music, SFX and Voice Over. Make sure to subscribe! We hope you appreciate our updates.

  • It’s still good to be the king!

    It’s still good to be the king!

    We’re happy to announce a new collaboration between New Dawn Games and Royal.V! A new original song is out now, made by the same legend that created “It’s good to be the king” for the original Rayman 2 back in 1999. You can listen to it on all the major platforms. Out now!Make sure to…

  • Rayman 2 HD Full Presentation 2023!

    Rayman 2 HD Full Presentation 2023!

    Thanks for joining us at Rayman Alive! You can watch our full presentation here:

  • Rayman Alive is back!

    Rayman Alive is back!

    Are you ready? The second edition of Rayman Alive is just around the corner, and we’ll be there as well! In case you still have no idea what Rayman Alive is, here’s a brief explanation. Rayman Alive is an online conference created specifically for fan projects involving Rayman. These projects vary from comics, animated series,…

  • The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)

    The Canopy Music Track (In-Combat)

    The Dynamic Music System is one of the new additions of our Rayman 2 HD Remake. Now whenever an enemy wants to start a fight with you, just because you look funny to him, the combat music will pile up over the area track, making the experience smoother and much more immersive. Have a listen…

  • Exploring Rayman 2 Artstyle

    Exploring Rayman 2 Artstyle

    Fresh ideas for environments!

  • The Fairy Glade Music Track

    The Fairy Glade Music Track

    Our reimagination of The Fairy Glade is now available for everyone to listen to! We wanted to recreate the feeling of magic this place has and gives to the player every time its level is replayed. Our amazing composers worked hard on that, crafting this piece of musical art.